No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Many of you may have read about my adventures substitute teaching my local school district's evening GED class. (If you haven't it's just a couple mouse clicks away.) Well, here's a fun update...

Changing the Whole Dynamic!

Some exciting changes have happened in our family this week, as we welcomed our new baby girl into our home. 

Nora Rayelle Williamson was born on Wednesday, June 29th, weighing in at 7 lbs, 10 oz and measuring 20.5 in long.

It’s amazing to me to think about who this little person is and

The Student Becomes the Teacher

Tonight was my first job as a certified substitute teacher for the Adult Education program of our local school district. That's right: I am now a substitute teacher for the state of Missouri.
Until tonight, I never realized how absolutely insane it is to drop a random substitute into a random class and somehow expect a normal educational expereince to be the result.
Let me give some background first...

New Design, New Content

I recently came across this very pointed cartoon on the news website (click on it to read it in larger format). Aside from the current events references to former congressman Weiner and the struggles for independence in the Mid East, I was left to wonder how much we are living underneath our capabilities, merely because we use powerful technology to simply entertain or, worse, waste time. The ability to connect with ideas, people, and cultures around the entire globe is phenomenal. Are we taking advantage of that? And if we are, what are we doing with it?

Where Are They Now?

We know we have been very delinquent when it comes to updating our blog. Hopefully all that is going to change. As you may have noticed, we've gotten a bit of a makeover in our little corner of the blogosphere. Just the first of many awesome things to come.

Now for some updates...